Edward K.Y. Chen Distinguished Lecture Series

The “Edward K Y Chen Distinguished Lecture Series” was initiated by a group of former HKU students of Professor Chen from the early 1970s.

Established through a fund set up in 2007, this Lecture Series represents a tribute to an honoured teacher and a distinguished scholar, and aspires to demonstrate the fine tradition of great respect and appreciation for Teachers and Mentors (“尊師重道”) to future generations.

The Lecture Series is held annually at HKU and is presented by the School of Economics and Finance.

Professor Edward K.Y. Chen
Executive Committe

Mr. Hing Wang Fung   馮興宏先生 (Convenor)
Mr. Ambrose Cheung   張永森先生
Dr. Vincent Kwan   關品方博士
Mr. Kant Kwong   鄺德富先生
Mr. Adrian Lee   李澄明先生
Mr. Jack Lee   李國正先生
Prof. Frederick Ma   馬時亨教授
Mr. Edward Yau   游德強先生