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Honorary President

Dr. Y.F. Luk
Director, School of Economics and Finance
The University of Hong Kong

Honorary Advisors  

Dr. Alex Chan
Dr. Onn Chan
Dr. Michael Chau
Dr. Stephen Ching
Dr. Xiaohui Gao
Dr. Zhigang Li
Dr. Dragon Tang
Dr. Raymond Tse
Mr. Patrick Ho

Dr. Konan Chan
Prof. Eric Chang
Prof. K.C. Fung
Dr. Victorius Hung
Prof. Wing Suen
Dr. Maurice Tse
Prof. Keith Wong
Dr. C.W. Yuen

Executive Committee 2012-2013 :  


Kate Kwan

MFin 2003


Du Yi


Honorary Secretary

Su Chang

MEcon FT(appointed 25 Jan 2013)

Honorary Treasurer

Luo Jingyu

MFin FT(appointed 25 Jan 2013)

Committee members

Cheung Wai Chung

MFin 2003(appointed 15 Dec 2012)


Geng Heng

PhD FT(appointed 5 Jan 2013)

Sun Yuejun

MFin FT(appointed 5 Jan 2013)

Tu Zhiheng MEcon FT(appointed 15 Dec 2013)
Immediate Past Chairlady

Yuri Zhou

MFin 2008

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