Student Members

Ordinary Members

Member Privileges

Members of the Association enjoy priority and price discount for our activities!

Students pursuing full-time or part-time courses leading to the degrees including:

(a)  Master of Finance or Master of Economics of the University of Hong        Kong.

(b)  postgraduate degrees with substantial Economics and/or Finance        concentration(s) by the University of Hong Kong, which currently include        MPhil and PhD in Finance or Economics as well as MBA.

may become Student Members upon payment of the requisite membership fee*.  Student Members shall enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary Members and shall have the right to hold office and to attend and vote at any General Meeting of the Association and shall have the right to apply for transfer to Ordinary Members upon satisfying the qualification for Ordinary Membership.

To apply for Student Membership, please fill out the form HERE.

*For limited time only, application and membership fees are waived!

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