People - Faculty


Faculty Members
Wong, Keith K.P. Director and Professor
Buehlmaier, Matthias Assistant Professor
Chan, Alex Principal Lecturer
Chan, William Associate Professor
Chang, Eric C. Dean and Chair of Finance
Chung Hon-Dak Professor in Finance
Chen, Cheng Assistant Professor
Chen, Heng Assistant Professor
Chen, Zhiwu Director, Asia Global Institute
Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics
Ching, Stephen Associate Professor
Chiu, Stephen Y Associate Professor
Gu, Olivia Lifeng Assistant Professor
Hau , Timothy D. Principal Lecturer
Hsu, Po-Hsuan Associate Professor
Hu, Grace Xing Assistant Professor
Huang, Ruoyan Assistant Professor
Huang, Shiyang Assistant Professor
Kwok, Claudian Principal Lecturer
Kwok, Hon Ho Assistant Professor
Lai, Sandy Associate Professor
Lau, Paul S.H. Professor
Li, Dan Assistant Professor
Lin, Chen Chair of Finance
Stelux Professor in Finance
Director of CFID
Lin, Tao Principal Lecturer
Lin, Tse-Chun Associate Professor
Liu, Tingjun Associate Professor
Luk, Y.F. Principal Lecturer
Luo, Yulei Associate Professor
Meng, Jinghan Assistant Professor
Meng, Rujing Principal Lecturer
Park , Sangyoon Assistant Professor
Qin, Bei Assistant Professor
Qiu, Huiyan Principal Lecturer
Qiu, Larry Dongxiao Chung Hon-Dak Professor in Economic Development
Schmid, Thomas Assistant Professor
Siu, Alan K.F. Associate Professor
Song, Frank M. Professor
Director of CCFR
Suen, Wing Chair of Economics
Henry G Leong Professor in Economics
Tang, Dragon Yongjun Professor
Tao, Zhigang HSBC Professor in Global Economy and Business Strategy
Director of ICGD
Tian, Jianrong Assistant Professor
Tse, C.Y. Associate Professor
Tse, Maurice K.S. Associate Professor
Wang, Zigan Assistant Professor
Wong, Clement Principal Lecturer
Wong, Keith K.P. Director and Professor
Wong, S.F. Professor of Practice
in Finance
Wong, Y.C. Richard Chair of Economics
Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy
Xu, Steven Pai Associate Professor
Xu, Yan Associate Professor
Xu, Yu Assistant Professor
Xu, Yujing Assistant Professor
Yu, Ping Assistant Professor
Yuen, C.W. Associate Professor
Yuen, Vera Assistant Lecturer
Zhang, Hongsong Assistant Professor
Zhang, Lei Assistant Professor
Zhang, Shaojun Assistant Professor
Zou, Hong Associate Professor