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Larry Dongxiao Qiu
Chung Hon-Dak Professor in Economic Development
Office:KK 920

Larry Qiu obtained his Bachelor of Science (Math) degree in 1983 from Zhongshan University, China, Master of Arts (Economics) degree in 1989 and PhD (Economics) degree in 1993 from University of British Columbia, Canada. He then joined Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1993 as an assistant professor and later became an associate professor and professor there. He moved to the University of Hong Kong in January 2008 as a professor.


Larry's research covers a wide range of topics, with focuses on industrial organization, international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). In the field of industrial organization, he is interested in issues such as R&D and M&As. In the field of international trade, he has studied the optimal design of strategic trade policies, the impacts of intellectual property right (IPR) protection on international trade, and the impacts of environment policies on technology transfer. In the field of FDI, he analyzes cross-border M&As, strategic alliances and technology transfer. He has also done some research on China's foreign trade and FDI. He has published extensively in international journals and books.


Larry has taught a variety of courses at all levels (undergraduate, master, MBA, EMBA, PhD and as well as executive training) and in many places including China, Hong Kong and Portugal. Examples of his courses include globalization, international trade and finance, China's industry analysis, and foreign trade and investment in China.


Larry's research has received a number of research grants from the HKSAR Government. He has done some consultant projects for the HKSAR Government and Asia Development Bank.


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