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Research Interests:

Development economics, Political economics, Media economics and Applied Microeconomics.


Curriculum vitae [ PDF ]



"Wealth, Education, and Demand for Medical Care: Evidence from Rural China" (with Jin Feng and Yangyang Yu), in Gordon Liu and Shufang Zhang (eds), Investing in Human Capital for Economic Development in China, 2010, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. [ PDF ]


Working Papers:

Chinese Microblogs and Drug Quality [ PDF ]

"The Determinants of Media Bias in China" (with David Strömberg and Yanhui Wu)

"Political Connection, Government Patronage and Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms" [ PDF ]

"How Valuable It Is to Be a Deputy of People's Congress in China in terms of Reducing Corruption Payments?" [ PDF ]


Work in Progress:

"Asymmetric Punishment for Harassment Bribery. Evidence from China" (with Maria Carmela Perrotta and Giancarlo Spagnolo)

"Microblogs and Newspapers in China" (with Tomas Larsson, David Strömberg and Yanhui Wu)

"The Impact of Marriage on Returns to Education in Sweden" (with Maoyong Fan and Qian Liu)



"Try again, fail again, fail better." ---- by Samuel Beckett




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