Dr. Cheng CHEN

Assistant Professor

School of Economics and Finance

The University of Hong Kong


KK 901


(852) 3917 8129


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Cheng Chen joined The University of Hong Kong in Aug, 2014. His research areas include international economics and organizational economics. His job market paper (AEJ: Micro) investigates the impact of improvements in management quality on aggregate economic outcomes such as the size distribution of firms, aggregate productivity, and the welfare gains from trade. Dr. Chen obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2014 and his master degree from Hitotsubashi University in 2008.


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Publication and Forthcoming Papers:

§  Information, Incentives and Multinational Firms  Journal of International Economics 85: 147-158, 2011.


§  Management Quality and Firm Organization in Industry Equilibrium Online Appendix American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (Accepted)

previously circulated as Management Quality, Firm Organization and International Trade and Management Quality and Firm Organization in the Global Economy”.



Working Papers:


§  Import Competition, Agency Problem and Aggregate Productivity: Theory and Evidence 

previously circulated as “Trade Liberalization and Within-Firm Productivity Gains” and “The Agency Problems, Trade Liberalization, and Within-Firm Productivity Gains: theory and evidence”


§  Import Competition, Heterogeneous Preferences of Managers and Productivity Online Appendix (with Claudia Steinwender)

previously circulated as “Import Competition and Agency Problems in Family Firms” and “Import Competition, Family Firms and Productivity”.


§  The Comparative Statics of Optimal Hierarchies (with Wing Suen)


§  Outward FDI and Domestic Input Distortions: Evidence from Chinese Firms (with Wei Tian and Miaojie Yu)

§  Middle Income Trap, Branching Deregulation, and Political Influence (with Liang Dai)



Working in Progress:


§  Subjective Uncertainty, Sentiment, and Investment: Evidence from the China-Japan Island Dispute (with Tatsuro Senga, Chang Sun and Hongyong Zhang)


§  Learning from Exporting and Dynamics of Multinational Firms (with Tatsuro Senga, Chang Sun and Hongyong Zhang)

§  Technology Diffusion and Organizational Mismatch (with Andrew Newman and Patrick Legros)


§  Delay Cost, Knowledge Hierarchy, and Wages (with Wing Suen)



§  Dissertation










Spring 2017:

§  Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON2102C,D/2220C,D)

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§  Economics of Organization and Strategy (ECON6006)

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