Dr. Jianrong Tian

Assistant Professor

School of Economics and Finance

The University of Hong Kong


KK 1110


(852) 2859 1052


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Jianrong Tian joined the University of Hong Kong as assistant professor in economics in 2016. Before that he received his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and finished his undergraduate study at Fudan University.


Tian's research interest is microeconomic theory, including information economics, game theory and mechanism design.


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§  Optimal Interval Division, 2015


§  Monotone Pragmatics, 2015

I discuss how the meaning of language can depend on contexts, i.e. pragmatics. Specifically, in a version of Crawford and Sobel (1982) in which the sender and the receiver share common preferences and with finite messages, I derive a monotone comparative statics result on how optimal cut-offs (efficient language) change with prior beliefs (contexts), called monotone pragmatics. Monotone pragmatics explains, for example, why Eskimo languages might have an unusually large number of words for snow. I also discuss implications for mechanism design with limited communication.


§  Comparative Statics for Cut-offs, R&R for Journal of Economic Theory, 2015


§  Informational Herding, Optimal Experimentation, and Contrarianism, with Lones Smith and Peter Sørensen, R&R for Review of Economic Studies, 2015


§  The Law of Accuracy, 2015


§  Informational Inertia, with Lones Smith, 10/2014

We fully characterize a basic property, called informational inertia, of experiments with binary states: the posterior belief, after observing a lumpy posterior event, increases with the prior belief. The lack of informational inertia is the reason that information cascades exist in observational learning. We show that informational inertia illuminates statistical or intrinsic discrimination as well as decision making by committees.





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