Summer Microeconomics Seminars

I have been organizing a summer theory conference at HKU since 2007. Starting 2010, the event is co-hosted by HKU and UBC. The 2018 seminars will be hosted by UBC. Details about the upcoming summer conference will be posted when they are available. Information about the past conferences is available here.

East Asian Contract Theory Conference

This conference was initiated by colleagues from Japan and Taiwan in 2007. HKU joined this initiative since 2013, and economists from Korea began to participate in 2018. The conference now rotates across these four places, with participants mainly (but not exclusively) from the region.


Published papers

Links to my publications are available here.

Working papers

My working papers can be downloaded from here. Comments are welcome.

Consultancy reports


Here is an archive of my random thoughts and my commentaries on public policies in Hong Kong. Some of these are posted in the Hong Kong Free Press and in the SEF Blog. The earlier essays are published in the HKCER Letters.