Econ6012: Macroeconomic Theory (Fall 2018)


October 11, 2018: The midterm test will be held on October 25 (Wednesday) in class (from 2-4:30pm). It is a two and half hours exam and is open book and open notes.

Course Syllabus 

Topic 1: (Warm-up) Optimal Control and Dynamic Programming and their Applications to Deterministic Consumption-Saving Problems. [slides] Matlab programs to solve the optimizing consumption-saving problem using value function iteration: [IterateVF.m], [IterateGraph.m], and [ConvergeVF.m] Introduction to Matlab.

Topic 2: Economic Growth I: Infinite-horizon Growth Models. [Slides] Here are notes on solving difference and differential equations, respectively: [Note1][Note2].

Topic 3: Economic Growth II: OLG Models and Endogenous Growth Models. [Slides]

Topic 4: Uncertainty, Expectations, and Economic Dynamics. [Slides] Matlab codes to simulate an Markov chain: [markov.m] and an AR(1) process: [ar1.m][arsim.m].

Problem Sets      

Problem Set 1 (Due on September 27, Thursday, in class; extended to Oct 4.) Answers to Problem Set 1