Econ2285: Mathematical Economics (Fall 2018-2019)

Course Syllabus


November 15, 2018: The final exam is closed book closed notes, but students are allowed to bring one A4 paper with handwritten or printed notes on both sides.

Midterm Tests (Open book and open notes) 

Test 1 (October 23, 1:30-3:00pm)

Test 2 (November 20, 1:30-3:00pm). Test 2 will cover topics 5 and 6.


Lecture Notes:

Topic 1 (Matrix Algebra and Static Equilibrium Analysis): [PDF Slides]

Topic 2 (Comparative Static Analysis): [PDF Slides]

Topic 3 (Static Optimization): [PDF Slides]

Topic 4 (Constrained Static Optimization): [PDF Slides

Topic 5 (Economic Dynamics without Optimization: Solving Difference Equations): [PDF Slides]

Topic 6 (Discrete-time Dynamic Optimization): [PDF Slides]

Topic 7 (Continuous-time Dynamics: Solving Differential Equations) [PDF Slides]

Topic 8 (Continuous-time Dynamic Optimization) [PDF Slides]


Problem Sets 

Problem Set 1 Answers to Problem Set 1

Problem Set 2 Answers to Problem Set 2

Problem Set 3 Answers to Problem Set 3